David E. Rydel

Birchview Custom Homes

I worked with Matt Wilcox Construction on my personal home. I'm a general contractor and owner of Birchview Custom Homes. I found Wilcox Construction to be the best contractor I ever worked with. He is honest does quality work and stands behind it. His workers are always cleaning up around the work site and when he leaves at the end of the day, there is no trash or debris laying around. Matt and his workers are always polite and friendly. A pleasure to have around.

I built a three story; 10,000sp ft home out of styrofoam insulated block. The Insulated foam block was constructed entirely by MWC. This was the best decision I ever made. Outside of the fact that Matt is a great contractor, I also found the block system he uses to be outstanding. It's unitized construction is strong, an excellent sound barrier and the insulation factor is fantastic. Besides all that I mentioned, it's still cheaper than building a 2x6 stud wall. I highly recommend Matt Wilcox Construction for all basements and residential/commercial buildings. I'm sure you'll find him a pleasure to work with.

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