Jason and Jessica Laskowski


I first heard about Matthew Wilcox thru word of mouth from an excavator. After having poor dealings previously with the few contractors in the state who actually have experience with insulated concrete forms, I was happy to hear that not only did he have a good reference but was relatively nearby.

Matt was kind enough to invite my wife and I to his home office where we were treated graciously by both him and his wife. I was very impressed with what Matt had to offer especially in regards to Superform ICF systems that Matt uses. Both my wife and I felt his prices were more than fair.

Throughout the entire process, from planning to building, Matt always kept us up to to date and consulted us quickly if any issues arose. Both my wife and I felt that Matt was the model contractor. He always gave us the impression of an honest and morale person. He was very good about telling us the pros and cons to many decisions we had to make throughout our construction. Always being objective and never pressuring us into making any particular decision that would purely benefit him - unlike many other contractors we've dealt with.

After Matt's portion of the work was complete he would periodically check in with us to see how things were going or if anything had come up that required his attention.

We honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. I would strongly recommend Matthew Wilcox Construction to anyone and... have actually!!

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